Mindfulness of Being with Emotions & Letting Go

A Challenge for yr Tuesday ~ Experience the feeling Drop the storyline. This takes practice especially if the feeling is unpleasant. It’s not the unpleasant feeling that generates stress, it’s getting hijacked by the narrative about the feeling. This doesn’t mean we ignore the situation or we don’t need to respond. What often causes ongoing harm or disease is when we feed the storyline. This is another form of aversion. If things don’t go our way it’s unpleasant. We can make a big story about it, a great example may be trying to get everyone on your side. This is understandable when someone is fearful or feels guilty. Although it’s understandable it’s not useful to anyone. Mindfulness of feeling is one of the Foundations of mindfulness. Learning more about the teachings on this and being guided in practices to help us be mindful of feeling is a key to managing the disease. It’s not only useful in Relapse Prevention with anxiety, depression, addiction, trauma. It’s useful to all of us because we all have strong and unwanted feelings. We all are human. Finding people that understand this rather than judge you due to not understanding this is also key in health. Drop the storyline as best as you can today and be sensitive to the feelings that are there.

Namaste xox Tammy

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