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The Mindfulness Pillar of Patience

A Challenge for yr Tuesday ~ Patience.
I’m certainly not the best at this Pillar of Mindfulness. In fact, my heart rate goes up at the thought of it!
But what I’ve realized given my experience of being impatient is this flip side comes from fear.
Impatience from things not happening “now” brings up a fear that maybe ‘time’ is running out. This causes tension which generally most humans want to get rid of because it’s uncomfortable.
This increases the likelihood of becoming demanding or frustrated when your expectations are not met with timing. And your fear of loss buttons is pressed.
To put it simply Impatience causes suffering.
That is why patience is a Pillar of Mindfulness. When we begin to genuinely want to remove suffering we begin to look into the nature of it. Where is this impatience coming from? Next time you are noticing feelings of impatience (or it’s a cousin of frustration) go searching for its roots. Check-in rather than act out.
What’s driving it? And if it is fear ask it to hop in the passenger seat instead.
This is why there are a few other Pillars of Mindfulness to help. Like TRUST + LETTING GO. Not what an impatient person wants to hear😉 Or should I say a person who is just experiencing fear.
However, with practice from sitting still Becoming unmoving (meditation) you see nature has an interesting way.
This fear of running out of time is man-made.
Our attachment to wanting things to happen in a set time.
Has its roots in identity I think you’ll find.
It can often throw up phrases like: “But it’s the principle of the thing”
The ego’s voice, a reaction from having clipped wings.
The great thing about impatience is “eventually😉” you learn.
It causes you suffering so you start to discern.
Little by little find the courage and find a steady seat.
Wait for the muddy waters to clear.
The truth you will meet.
Commit to the intention of setting yourself free
Loosen identity and let yourself be
An ongoing practice of remembering each day
The meaning of the word …
Happy Tuesday
xox Tammy

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