Trauma Aware Mindfulness – Helping to heal abuse, survive unjust legal systems & live without fear of judgement

Hard but possibly hopeful news today  towards more accountability & keeping people especially our children safe from harm.

The statement from one of the victims of R Kelly ~ “ although the sentence not long enough , I’ve waited over 25 years for this abuse of children to be acknowledged & brought to justice”
In a lot of the work I do behind the scenes in addition to Yoga NRG + Mindfulness Training Australia Training Teachers
 (that I rarely speak about) is supporting people in my Mindfulness Therapy & Clinical Trauma Health Professional role who have experienced Trauma not only trauma of abuse but the trauma of not being acknowledged or responded to appropriately when it comes to having the courage to come forward about abuse.
Also support to loved ones of victims who don’t know what to do to help.
This is normal of not knowing what to do or where to go for help because of the fear of judgement.
Thankfully Mindfulness & Meditation specific to this form of Trauma can provide not only relief but the required understanding to heal, to put the onus back where it belongs & to help navigate the intensity of thoughts and feelings that can build up if not met or responded to with care.
Regardless of flawed legal systems & the unfortunate stigma from a society that is still learning how to adequately support the people who need it most & call to account those who harm them ~ there’s still a lot we can do that can help.
The reason for posting this (& my intention by no means is to trigger ) is to highlight a win for these victims, to stop feeding the stigma & the silencing of victims, & most of all do what we can in our own way to help people have the quality of life they deserve without fear.  Sometimes we stay silent out of fearing of triggering too which potentially feeds the sickness & dis-ease. Triggers are raised for a reason.
A shout out to people in this area of health, healing & the legal areas who support victims of crime. Who may have few wins with legal systems but behind the scenes doing more than what our legal systems are capable of at this point in time ~ but with todays news maybe just maybe there’s hope in that area too.
A deep bow of respect to the bravery of those who stay in for the long long hall of bringing people who harm to justice , it’s not an easy road , it’s a huge price to pay due to it’s all consuming nature. But so worth it if it means one more child is kept safe from harm.
This is more reason to celebrate & acknowledge the small wins that we all know are few when it comes to our legal systems providing justice & safety.
Equal bow of respect  to the bravery of those who take healing into their own hands in their own way who also have found peace in letting go.
A quote from a yogi that I read in a book that springs to my mind & heart
“Do not let people walk through your mind with their dirty feet”
~ Gandhi
We can learn to let go of the mental space these perpetrators take up and direct our mind to living our life fully & helping others live theirs fully too. In that process we may have to discuss the reality of this harm & instead of brushing it under the carpet realise the rights for all beings especially our kids to be safe, happy & free from suffering and take skilful action
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Namaste 🙏



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