"Beyond a wholesome discipline be gentle with yourself"
Mind like clear blue sky
Spend time in nature to remember your why
Hurry is the enemy of love
~ Steven Biddulph. GO SLOWLY enough for you to TAKE IN THE GOOD
Creating Mindful Pathways for those at Crossroads or Crisis
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Working as a Nurse since 1994 and going on to specialise in Clinical Nursing , Health Promotion & ATOD Prevention, Mental Health, High Dependency – I developed a passion for Mindfulness, Yoga & Complementary Medicine.  I found it to be one of the most effective ways to heal my own back pain and cope with some of my own life challenges.  

 I noticed it was something that was effective in helping others deal with different forms of pain and process their own life events. I began consulting to Private Retreats, & Rehabilitation Programs, Hospitals, Schools, EAS for the QLD Police Force, to deliver training or one on one Coaching in Mindfulness Based Personal & Professional Development. 

I went on to open Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia , a Yoga & Mindfulness Training School  based on the Sunshine Coast, which included an Outreach Service supporting those  in remote and regional areas. Although many initially came to learn more about Yoga or to learn to Teach, what they walked away with in addition to being Certified  to Teach  was a new level of Self Awareness and Insight that helped them to heal or let go in someway , to  re-orientate to their “why” . By going through this process of “Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training” they feel equiped to help others develop their own Yoga or Mindfulness Practice in their own unique way. 

After training hundreds of Yoga & Mindfulness Teachers both within Australia and internationally there is one consistent thing that we all seem to need and Yoga & Mindfulness Mentoring and Teacher Training helps strengthen these core needs 

– a sense of feeling safe or secure (we often feel the flip side to this and be filled with self doubt) 

– a sense of contentment (often there can be that sense of not having or being enough) 

– a sense of connection (when we feel disconnected, lonely or lost can be one of the most debilitating impacts on our overall health & wellbeing) 

Empowering someone to feel like they do have a sense of agency and control over these core needs is at the heart of my Mindfulness Mentoring & Teacher Training Programs. 

No this does not mean we do not feel the flip sides , it means you have something to guide you through them. 


Modalities in My Mindful Toolkit

I work with several modalities; all have a focus on transforming disease into ease and helping people find their full potential in the areas of their life that matter most to them.  When I work with you , I will hand pick the modalities that will work best according to where you are at at the time and what you are wanting help to overcome. The common thread between all modalities is understanding the “roots” of the suffering, anxiety or pain, re-establishing and re-training new neural pathways (like bicep curls for the minds inner resources) We train the ‘mentality’ through physicality – which means it is not always “talk therapy” and it’s not always just stretching or getting fit. I will always be working with both ‘somatically’. 
I keep things practical, accessible and applicable to daily life, focusing on what you wish to work on that will have the biggest impact on your life. You will be shown how you can use the tools for yourself in daily life so if and when the shit hits the fan you feel like you have more agency over how you respond (with choice) rather than becoming debilitated by the habit reactions that may cause you to suffer rather than heal. 

Your body is so intelligent and it has ways of letting you know when something is not ok. Your mind is a powerful tool to help you , but first we need to train it, so it gives you clear information. Often we have clear information or intuition but we do not hear it because we are too busy or stressed. Other times we do hear it, however we doubt our ability to take skilful action, make change or lack the confidence to move into new ‘unknown’ territory. Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training combined with Yoga & Integrative Nidra can give you insights in to how to handle perceived obstacles and feel that you are responding according to your most valued needs in life.

It’s never just “one thing” that is happening in someones life to cause dis-ease . Therefore I do not narrow or limit the pathway to healing or overcoming obstacles to just “one” modality. My approach is both evidenced based, intuitive & holistic. We also track your healing or progress (not the worlds idea of ‘progress’ – what progress is for you!) – so you can see clearly the changes that happen from doing the work together. 

Some tools we may use to help you find relief, overcome your obstacles & move forward more confidently are listed below. 

Honesty, safety & connection is key in the work that I do

Honesty, safety, and connection are paramount in the work that I do. I do not know more about you than you!  I may often relate and understand how you are feeling. The focus will be on the practices & both of us ‘listening’ in a particular way that I call “co-meditation” 

The so-called answers are NOT going to come from me, they are going to come from you processing & practicing using the tools. 

My intention is to create a safe space for you to connect back into yourself, to develop a connection to your body, mind, and heart. To listen, to give honest feedback.  Sometimes are better than others to sit in formal meditation, or to do cognitive processing work.  Scope of practice & operating within parameters that will help you access the tools safely is my highest priority.   

Research is showing us more and more that  “top-down” (talk therapy) approaches are far more effective when done in conjunction with modalities that work with both the body physically & the mind. Likewise, some forms of Meditation or Yoga (like any tool) when done in conjunction with forms of talk therapy or cognitive training are beneficial also.  Using both to complement each other – to regulate the nervous system and to heal rather than avoid what’s there to be healed can be what’s needed to help someone more effectively. 

I work with people who are ready to play an active & engaged role in their healing process. Who want to take charge of their own healing process and take full responsibility for who and how they want to be. It’s normal to have moments where despite our best efforts or skills we may feel ‘stuck’ 

Just like cleaning your teeth – you don’t clean your teeth once in the month and expect that that’s all it will take for good oral hygiene – it is the same for our mental hygiene , and certainly where Meditation & Mindfulness is concerned – it works better with ongoing practice! This is how we become more skilled through practice. 

I’m passionate and dedicated to this field and have been practicing and working actively & consistently in both the clinical & yogic sciences for nearly three decades consistently – day in day out; it’s not been my “side job”, it’s been ongoing and what feels like a calling to me.  Although I have trained hundreds of teachers and worked with thousands of clients privately who have found relief, & they have gone on to be of service in great ways, it does not make me an expert! It just makes me a  lifelong student & teacher dedicated to the path of learning and simply wanting to help others learn to trust in their own process. 

The Mentors & Teachers that I have personally found the most benefit in my life are the ones who genuinely care.

Good teachers help you believe in yourself not in them

Areas These Programs Can Help With