Mindfulness & Integrative Workplace Health + Wellness Programs

at least every twenty seconds someone takes their life 

most of us spend more time at work than we do with our loved ones 

so the workplace can be the greatest place of impact on the members of our community 

let’s work together to ensure the health & safety of those we work with and , find ways to manage change & overcome challenge. 

Mindfulness Based Training, Mentorship & workplace retreats or programs can have the biggest ripple effect through learning the simplest of things in a fun & enjoyable way 



I’m always delighted and honoured to speak and lead workshops & in-house programs. For general audiences or the public I share Integrative ways to embody Mindfulness, Neuroplasticity Training & Mindfulness Based Yoga on and off the Mat . Yoga in the way I approach it is about good Mental Hygiene and learning how to be a good Care-Taker of your Nervous System.

Why is this important?

Because every 20 seconds someone takes their life !

Mindfulness Based Interventions are now one of the leading treatment recommendations for Depression, Anxiety and Stress Management.

For Allied Health Care Professionals, Teachers, Coaches, Counsellors, Personal Trainers, and other Wellness Practitioners & Support Care Professionals I offer practical ways of Integrating Mindfulness & Psychology, drawn from Traditional Sciences into a practical take home or take to work Tool Kit. A Mindful Toolkit that will help you and your clients.

I’ve spent over 27 years in the health industry, from being at the bedside of those passing away to performing CPR, travelling the middle east, then returning home (Australia) to specialise in Relapse Prevention & working in Health Promotion.

Also working as a RN in a broad range of areas from Emergency, AIDS hospitals, High Dependency, Oncology to being the Private Nurse for fascinating clients all who have taught me a lot about life, and the mind-body connection. 

I bring a straight forward, down to earth and very practical hands on, yet unique experience for everyone present. What you learn is felt, seen, heard and processed by the whole body, not just the intellect (so no it is not your every day Power Point presentation).

Workplace Programs or Community Programs can enhance, manage and improve Mental Health, Communication, Leadership & Overall Health & Resiliency. MINDFULNESS is a skill, practice and way of being that goes beyond just being present. It is inclusive of 

  • Understanding the Mind
  • Adapting the Change
  • Emotional Intelligence & Agility
  • Creating Space &
  • Awareness Training
  • Heart Felt Boundaries
  • Authentic Engagement with Challenging
  • Feelings & Situations (Externally & Internally )
  • Sustainable Wellness Based on Reality not Ideality
  • Mental Health Action Plans that support both “me” & “we” 


Pricing on Application for Courses to be exclusive to your workplace only in person or online for your Team.

“Mindfulness means to pay attention on purpose, with kindness & curiosity and without judgement as best as we can today”
~ John Kabat Zin

What to Expect

Personal & Professional Development Skills

Practical Relatable & Experienced based Exercises

Self Inquiry + Reflection

Evidence Base & Neuroscience behind the Guided Practices and Interactive Practices

Putting what is learnt into a Self Action Plan

relating this to all areas of life

What to Expect

Personal & Professional Development Skills

Practical Relatable & Experiential Exercises

Self Inquiry + Reflection

Evidence Base & Neuroscience behind the Practices

Putting what is learnt into a Self Action Plan

relating this to all areas of life

What is Unique About This Course?

Tammy Williams is also the Founder / Program Director of Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia , therefore the hours accrued in this training can be allocated towards hours for Certification Pathways towards becoming an Certified Teacher. It Integrates Scientific Evidence Base & Traditional Practices that has stood the test of time.

Delivered & Facilitated by someone who has studied both from a Health Perspective working as a Registered Nurse (who has worked with clients at both ends of the spectrum of health and stress related disease & as a Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher Trainer who has taught 1000’s in many different formats across the globe to Teach and Integrate these practices.

This means you get not only a Workplace Focused Program but an approach that looks at each individuals process, helping each to build their own tool kit that is relevant to them which in turn will have an extremely beneficial outcome for everyone they work with and for – their clients included!

Customised Programs


Other Inclusions

Areas These Programs Can Help With

Currently The Mindfulness Mentoring Program & Private Personal Development Program is Fully Booked. I enrol new client’s on a rolling basis as others complete their program. Priority is given to those who Register for the Waitlist.

  •  Existing Client’s please email / phone instead or Current Yoga NRG Teachers / Trainees 

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