if you are wanting to contribute & make a difference to the lives of others 

to help them improve their health & wellbeing or overcome obstacles using mindfulness & yoga – THEN READ ON TO SEE WHICH PROGRAM WILL SUIT YOU BEST 

if you are not quite sure if you want to teach yoga or mindfulness but would love an opportunity to really learn more, improve your own practice and use this training as your own pathway to healing, feeling better & having more energy – then yoga nrg & mindfulness teacher training programs will be an unforgettable journey for you 

for those who do want to teach we offer full certification & several pathways to specialise 

I Train people who are passionate about Making a Mindful Ripple Effect towards the Health & Wellbeing of their communities, families & workplaces through Mindfulness Mentoring, Meditation & Yoga. I work with an amazing team of Teachers, Health Professionals & Mentors within the School that I founded – Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia. 

Over three decades of experience in the HealthCare Industry, my absolute passion is up skilling, supporting & mentoring others to feel a sense of Safety, Security, Contentment & Connection. These are the Pillars that will have the greatest ripple effect on how healthy we are and how well we feel we are doing in life.


I work predominately with Modalities that combine Trauma Aware Mindfulness Mentoring & Yoga.

There are Three Distinct Pathways

Personal Development Programs

For those who wish to deepen their understanding & take their practice to the next level however may not want to Teach or do the extra assessment work required for full certification

Teacher Certification Programs

For those who wish to gain Full Certification & Nationally Recognised Qualifications to meet the required Guidelines to become Insured to Teach Yoga &/or Mindfulness within Australia or Internationally

Train The Trainer Programs

For Individuals, Organisations or Companies who wish to Train Others using the Application of Mindfulness & Yoga to enhance their speciality area & services currently offered.

How We Learn & Grow - Your Options

Regular In Person & Live + Online Teacher Training Programs are Open to the Public via Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia

Visit THE CALENDER to see Upcoming Group Programs open to the Public or see brief information below on Each of My Programs

Make a Private Booking for Individuals or Companies to have a Custom Made Training Program run for you or your company

Unsure of Which Program is Best For You?

Yoga NRG & Mindfulness Training Australia




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Teacher Training Program


If you are seeking or are passionate about helping others find relief from stress, anxiety, depression, sleep better, improve concentration, focus and relaxation. If you are wanting to build your own Mindful Toolkit or help others do the same to give them practices that have a huge evidence base world wide (Mindfulness is rated as one of the number one treatments for depression and anxiety and has helped many people find relief from many different forms of suffering) 

This program weather you take this for yourself or to become certified to teach practices or this full program to support others going through life events they may need support with – It will be something that you will use and call on again and again throughout all chapters of life. 


This program draws on multi-modalities of 

Mindfulness Based Cognitive Training 

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 

Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention 

& Trauma Aware Mindfulness Meditation & Yoga Therapy 

It is fully accredited with Meditation Australia IICT

This program is offered both In Person on the Sunshine Coast or Live Online 


Contact support@yoga-nrg.com for more information 


Call 0439418571 


Support for Individuals
Teachers & Allied Health Professionals

Apply : support@yoga-nrg.com 

Call 0439418571 


Mindfulness & Yoga Teaching Certfication
240/ 300/ 500hr & beyond

support@yoga-nrg.com / 0439418571 

Client Benefits ~ Gaining Confidence


NRG Yoga has been recommended to me over five years ago when I lived on an island. This is when I started my Yoga & Mindfulness training. The courses were delivered professional yet with so much passion and love. Tammy and her team make me feel extremely comfortable. I live in a remote area and have been travelling to attend the courses. The communication and follow up prior and after the training has always been strong allowing me to grow my knowledge and gain confidence. I would highly recommend NRG Yoga to anyone who has a passion about Yoga & Mindfulness.

Client Benefits ~ Being an introvert and being able to be yourself


From my very first enquiry in 2015 with Tammy & NRG, I have appreciated every aspect of what has been offered, from Tammy’s s Teaching style, Mindfulness knowledge, course contents & her deeper understanding of yoga Philosophy & unique ability to explain it simply, for me it has been something to aspire towards. I have continued to return for Numerous retreats & training over the last five years and as I’m from Tasmania & initially possessed particularly introvert qualities, it’s been no small feat, so that itself is a testament to what is offered at NRG. It’s more than just a yoga studio, you become a community, fully embraced, encouraged & allowed to be yourself. Tammy generously shares her stories, her interesting experiences, ideas, but most importantly her friendship. Highly Recommend

Client Reflections ~ On Lifechanging Experiences & Being Helping Others with Mindfulness

Kylie Williams

I’m not quite sure where to start as this could be an essay or a long list about all the ways mindfulness training has helped me subtly and profoundly. I have learnt so much from Tammy. She teaches directly, but what is so empowering is that she teaches you how to find the answers yourself, as well as having an ability to hold space with tricky emotions. She doesn’t jump in to ‘fix’ things. She asks questions and allows you to reflect. In my case, often the things I imagine need fixing, don’t even need it. I just need to sit with them instead. The mindfulness training has changed my life, and I’m so pleased I’m able to help others with what I have learnt too. I’ve also got to know some of the other teachers through the courses I’ve done and also attended their yoga classes. We don’t live near Caloundra, but we sometimes holiday there partially just to attend a class or two. If you’re considering some study or yoga classes with Tammy and her team, just jump in. You will not regret it. I honestly believe it will change your life!

Areas These Programs Can Help With