" Nothing is ever just in the body, or just in the mind, the two are always connected"Therefore we have to work with both!
Simple practices to reveal the problem & use it as a pathway to repair & return to who & how you want to be.
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recovery from dis-ease weather it be addiction, trauma or going through challenging changes, is a personal journey that no one else can take for you. however you do not have to suffer. the biggest addiction we can have is the place where our mind dwells. thankfully there is a way out of the suffering this causes. 

trauma aware mindfulness Mentoring + Yoga is a holistic approach to healing & transforming triggers into our best teachers. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE HAD TRAUMA TO BENEFIT FROM THIS. 

 it can feel like a lonely & rough road full of self doubt, frustration and feeling out of control. there is hope and many have managed to resolve what leads to unskilful actions through the gifts of mindfulness based practices.  

mindfulness is one of the top recommendations for treatment of depression, anxiety and relapse prevention. mindfulness  has a clinical evidence base for helping people resolve this form of suffering and get back to living a life of quality and freedom from the REACTIVITY THAT CAN GO ON IN THE MIND. 

Often we feel the opposite to what we really LONG FOR & need.  instead of feeling a sense of connection, contentment or self confidence we can feel like we don’t fit in, not good enough , disheartened or full of self doubt. if left unchecked or unprocessed these feelings can BIND OUR ATTENTION & often lead to depression, anxiety and impact greatly on ourselves & our loved ones. 

if you feel you have had enough of the torment from the mind, wish to find clarity in the confusion & most of all make a change that will help you & your loved ones feel better then this program will be of great support to you, to overcome what you are going through.


Positive Neuroplasticity Training

The Brain is designed to help us survive more than it is to make us Happy. This means we have a natural Negativity Bias to help us search out potential threat.

Although we need this, having it in overdrive can cause us uneccesary stress.
Thankfully there is a way to cultivate happiness & reduce this stress. This is how PNT can help.

You'll experience :
Customised Guided Practices to build inner resilience, contentment & a sense of connection



Trains Awareness + Attention in varied ways
Regulates Nervous System + Emotions

Increases capacity to choose more skilful actions

You will experience:
Guided & Relapse Prevention Practices
Cognitive Processing Activities that helps you develop insight & understanding


Customised delivery
Modified Practices
Ensuring Safety & Support for those who have a history of minor to significant Trauma.

You will experience :
Individualised Mindfulness &/or Yoga Practices that address the underlying roots of the disease from both the physical & mental approaches
Breath work
Mindfulness Activities, Mudras & one on one support to integrate the trauma to help ease the 'dis-ease'

“Three factors determine how we feel – our challenges, our strengths we have for meeting them & our vulnerabilities”

Rick Hansen

Our time together involves simple practices involving various forms of Meditation, Movement , Breath work, Rest, and honest self inquiry.

The value of 1:1 is the practices are chosen according to your unique obstacle that you are going through 

It is the methods that have helped me the most , even though there are group training options – there is nothing better in my experience than having 1:1 time to work on the life challenges that are going on for you. It is also an empowering process to practice them in a way that you can become self sufficient in using these practices in your daily life to let each perceived problem as it arrises become the path that leads you to a better place. 









Areas These Programs Can Help With