Client Benefits ~ Gaining Confidence

Kylie Williams

I’m not quite sure where to start as this could be an essay or a long list about all the ways mindfulness training has helped me subtly and profoundly. I have learnt so much from Tammy. She teaches directly, but what is so empowering is that she teaches you how to find the answers yourself, as well as having an ability to hold space with tricky emotions. She doesn’t jump in to ‘fix’ things. She asks questions and allows you to reflect. In my case, often the things I imagine need fixing, don’t even need it. I just need to sit with them instead. The mindfulness training has changed my life, and I’m so pleased I’m able to help others with what I have learnt too. I’ve also got to know some of the other teachers through the courses I’ve done and also attended their yoga classes. We don’t live near Caloundra, but we sometimes holiday there partially just to attend a class or two. If you’re considering some study or yoga classes with Tammy and her team, just jump in. You will not regret it. I honestly believe it will change your life!


From my very first enquiry in 2015 with Tammy & NRG, I have appreciated every aspect of what has been offered, from Tammy’s s Teaching style, Mindfulness knowledge, course contents & her deeper understanding of yoga Philosophy & unique ability to explain it simply, for me it has been something to aspire towards. I have continued to return for Numerous retreats & training over the last five years and as I’m from Tasmania & initially possessed particularly introvert qualities, it’s been no small feat, so that itself is a testament to what is offered at NRG. It’s more than just a yoga studio, you become a community, fully embraced, encouraged & allowed to be yourself. Tammy generously shares her stories, her interesting experiences, ideas, but most importantly her friendship. Highly Recommend


NRG Yoga has been recommended to me over five years ago when I lived on an island. This is when I started my Yoga & Mindfulness training. The courses were delivered professional yet with so much passion and love. Tammy and her team make me feel extremely comfortable. I live in a remote area and have been travelling to attend the courses. The communication and follow up prior and after the training has always been strong allowing me to grow my knowledge and gain confidence. I would highly recommend NRG Yoga to anyone who has a passion about Yoga & Mindfulness.