My Mindful Toolkit is something you can tap into , in order to help turn stress, struggles and sensitivities into your biggest strengths and to transform what may initially trigger you into your best teacher

The N.R.G method is not only representative of the importance of learning to manage your “eNeRGy” it is an acronym that can be used as an uncomplicated  guide , a map if you like that echos the Eight Limbs of Yoga to help you navigate challenge and to live your life with more quality.

This approach utilises different layers of Mindfulness & Yogic Inquiry :

NNoticing – Training our ability to ‘Notice’ without judgment. Internally & Externally. Being aware of how what happens out there can effect how we feel inside the mind and body (and vice versa)

R – Responding vs Reactions & Recognising the “Root” Cause of our suffering by learning to “Regulate” the nervous system

Realising we have and can make a conscious choice to create space between stimulus and response , to help us react less and respond more.  The difference between a reaction and a conscious response is the later is a chosen response where as a reaction is not something we choose. The postures in yoga can help us release physical and mental tension which in turn can help us regulate the nervous system.

The ripple effect of being able to regulate our Nervous System means we can feel like we have more agency. We can “respond”

GGrace – When we come from a regulated state, when we feel like we have more agency and are consciously ‘being’ who and how we want to be, we feel more  ‘connected’ .  We can take “skilful action” where the mind is working with you & your body, not against you. There is no gap between what the mind is thinking and what you are doing.

This N.R.G approach can be practiced and can strengthen our self awareness over time.


This approach can help with processing thoughts & feelings using guided Meditation, Self Inquiry & Co-Meditation.


This approach through certain guided mediations &/or Yoga Practices can help to become a Mindful Caretaker of our personal sensitivities and develop a healthier perception of them so they do not cause further suffering, anxiety or pain.

We do this through a customized guided meditation where the person is fully present but relaxed , we use sensations in the body happening in the moment to help gain insights into what challenging feelings maybe trying to communicate to us

In this process , the tension gets transformed into more of an understanding and often this means those who partake are able to gain new insights into problematic thinking or emotions and move toward more peace and understanding

This process is simple, safe, straight forward and is designed to reveal the root cause of the triggers and work with each client individually to turn their triggers into teachers. We can learn a lot from our personal sensitivities to situations.

This form of therapy is a multi-modality approach to help the client understand, the core conditioning or past experiences that may have created a negative core belief. This is not about re-traumatizing, this is about learning to feel safe & secure in the body, listening without judgment to what it is telling you.  We work with current triggers, we may use past experiences to understand them but the real benefit is then giving you both the reason and the roadmap out of there so you can move on! Often we realise where things come from and we don’t need to go “back there” to know. But, what can be missed in some of the “regression” forms of therapy is retraining and reminding the mind of the flip sides to the challenges that may have occurred in the past (that caused the trigger or sensitivity)

Other times we may not know the roots at all and revealing them can be life changing and freeing. That’s why a customised approach , learning to be guided by your own bodies wisdom can be a great step towards healing and behaviour change so we are no longer reacting to the same old stuff. Instead we can strengthen that which we truly want rather than reacting to what we don’t want.

Together we will  use Neuroplasticity Training to re-wire / help the brain adapt to a new set of skills that will ultimately free you of ‘mind-made’ suffering, give you a new inner tool kit that helps you become a more Mindful & Self Caring human, and in-turn have a better quality of life and better quality relationships.

Stay tuned for more posts and blogs on examples of different life challenges that many of us go through that this process can help with.

If you’d like to find out more feel free to connect to request times to begin your Personalised Mindful Program