You are currently viewing Two Wings of Mindfulness & The Breathing Art of “Allowing” by Tammy Williams

Two Wings of Mindfulness & The Breathing Art of “Allowing” by Tammy Williams

Two Wings of Mindfulness & The Breathing Art of “Allowing”

At times we can be pulled pushed prodded

Things can build up, you may feel like you’re falling into another pothole

Our reactive feelings are not failures,

treat them as special guests to help your soul


What rises up internally can be allowed, let it do it’s thing

We can call on our Mindfulness Practice ~

a reminder it has two wings

Wisdom & Discernment ~ asking us to question is the belief we are hooked into….

Is this really true

Compassion ~ an absolute must, a genuine self care, a checking in with yourself

How are you?


An allowing of what ever is there without needing it to go away

Letting yourself do what you need to

To help you regulate and remind yourself

you’re okay


You are not a bad person

You may just need some space

Your resistance however it presents itself

Can be a pathway back to Grace


At times it may be prickliness, pushy-ness, defensiveness or

you want to ‘do the bolt’

Reactions from being triggered are not failures in Mindfulness

Nor are they seen as your fault


Feelings especially strong ones are a natural part of life

We can use the Two Wings in Mindfulness To help us develop insight

To meet our reactions with compassion and give them time to breathe

To develop courage through discerning ~ ask yourself

What is the True Need?


Allowing a strong feeling to be heard and have its say

Make space for it in your body

Meditation can teach you to stay with it and trust you will be okay


At times we are triggered by something that feels like a threat To our 3 Core Needs ~

our sense of Safety, Satisfaction or need to Connect

The feeling may be that strong,  we may want to get away

Breathing In for three, pause for six, empty for nine ~ can help us stay


To allow yourself time to focus, to feel and to set yourself free

Not free from reacting, or being activated, a natural response that we sometimes need

Free from judging yourself as flawed or putting yourself down

Free from buying into unrealistic standards from yourself or

assumed from those around


Use your Mindfulness practice like a tool that sets you free

Do not use it as a stick to beat yourself or others up with

It’s there to remind you

Just to let yourself and others “be”


It’s a practice not a perfect, reminding us to allow all parts of yourself to be seen without judgement,

to become more curious with yourself and kind

To give yourself permission to slow down, take time out,

To unwind.


The prickly parts a reminder you may just need to eat

The defensive parts a reminder

To take kind care of your feelings of defeat

And when you want to do the bolt

And run a thousand miles

It may just be a reminder you need to rest, to process,

To take some space for a little while

None of these reactions to our triggers need to become a problem to be solved

You are just a human wanting to “just be” & to be listened to

Truth be told

If it feels no one else is listening,

Take responsibility for yourself

This is the practice & gift of meditation

To help you take care of your health


When you catch yourself judging the reactive behaviour,


Breathe in for three, hold for six, empty for nine ~

Do not fixate on pointing the finger at the cause

Discern the true need , that’s asking to be met

Do you need to feel safe, satisfied or  feel you need more time

to connect



Feeling uncomfortable

And “allowing” some more

Strong feelings are nothing to be feared

Treat them as a long lost friend knocking at your door.

Let them in,

They will be that gentle reminder , showing you what you truly need

It maybe as simple as a rest,

A hug , or a “Gran/Mums home cooked feed.


There are Two Wings of Mindfulness that can help set your struggled free

Meeting yourself with compassion

Taking Wise Action

To “allow” yourself to just be.

Prickles and all

Peaks & falls


When you feel you you don’t know how

Breathe in for three, pause for six, out for nine




Namaste 🙏


#simplicity #itsnotaproblem


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