You are currently viewing Mindfulness Teacher Training can be in the form of Writing or Reflecting to help us resolve conflict

Mindfulness Teacher Training can be in the form of Writing or Reflecting to help us resolve conflict

Sutra for your Sunday ~ Inspired by Two fighter pilots & giving yourself or others the gift of time

When things build up or stress takes ahold
One of the suggestions by the great Sages of our times
Is to write a Haiku , a way of truth to be told
It’s three brief lines of life as it is
A beautiful way to express “just this just this”
It may mean taking the time to turn all technology off & take a mental cleanse

Or emptying your thoughts

journaling as a meditation taking out your paper & pen

Finding that balance
Between  staying informed, or Connected peaceful or protected
A haiku above
Further expressed below inspired by choosing the channel in your mind
To help you strengthen your “peace” of kind
It’s called Beyond enemy lines
Longer than a Haiku
My Musings on Ahimsa, showing Mercy & passing on a “peace” of inspiration from two fighter pilots who’s story expresses
The light in me acknowledges the light in you
Catching the end of todays news on the war in Ukraine
Many lives lost
What is to gain ?
Sad I change the channel an inspirational story of hope came on ~ from long ago
Of pilots Charlie Brown & his enemy turned hero
His enemy turned saviour who could have shot him down
But instead became the fighter pilot who saved Charlie Brown
Brown recalled his enemy looking him in the eye, instead of pulling the trigger
An act of mercy, an enemy turned friend ~ this heros name was Frans  Stigler
He escorted  Brown to safety across the sky, outside of enemy lines
Turning war torn conflict into a “peace” of history, & years later Brown would try to find
The man that saved his life that day when he could have shot him down
He searched through war files, years of not giving up hope until one day he found
Brown searched to find his hero to say Thankyou for saving his life
Finally he got a reply from his hero of whom he was able to show him photos of his kids and his much loved wife
All of whom he would not have had, if it were not for the Mercy of his enemy turned long lost friend
Showing by not pulling the trigger that day he saved a life, and made history “it was me” the reply years later , a letter he would send
A precious gift Charlie Brown got given from a so called enemy that day who’s act of bravery lives on
A biography has been written about it & this story of bravery has even been turned into a song
To show mercy is the biggest strength it is beyond the small mind of rights and wrongs
It’s the true seeing of a fellow human suffering, despite which side you’re on
Before you pull the trigger in what ever form that maybe
Think of Charlie & Stigler & be brave enough to show  mercy
Consider this story like a metaphor , of fighting battles inside the head
We can keep fighting until death or create peace instead
Instead of letting your so called enemies take up territory in your mind
Consider who’d you’d like to seek out  to say Thankyou to, for giving you the precious gift of  “time”
Here’s to focusing on the things that help turn wars around
We all have the ability to “change” the channel or
Say thanks to those who show you peaceful possibilities like Frans Stigler & Charlie Brown
If things feel like they are building up
Take a mental cleanse,
Find ways to fill your cup
Write it down , find paper & pen
Give back to your body by giving yourself some time
There are plenty of ways to practice your “yoga”
Meditating , walking in nature or being inspired by  hero’s who had the courage to be kind.
If the mind slips into a battle or is feeling defeated by certain wars
Take time to make some space & reflect on what your life is for
Before you pull the trigger of conflict in your mind
Meditate on a picture much bigger that restores your faith in man “kind”
And if all else fails put your focus in seeking out those who have saved your life
Or made it better in some way
This is the art of skilful action
The meaning of
~ Another way to Practice Yoga
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