A Sutra for your Sunday

Make time for play
The Brain has different parts all with different needs for it to feel integrated ~
1. The part that loves to get shit done (complete the list)
2. The part that just needs some love & affection (otherwise the toys get thrown out the cot)
3. The part that just needs to have fun & loves creativity
4. The part that loves connecting to nature or spirituality in some way

Quite often the part that loves to work to get through the list can rule the roost & the needs of the other parts of the brain can get overlooked.
For me my mind can get bogged down into
“Once I get all that needs to be done, done then I will go for a surf”

Ironically though going for a wave ticks all the boxes.
& it gives ENERGY so then I can actually get more done

If you want to get stuff done then make sure you make time for fun


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