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A Mindfulness Practice for Non Judgement using Neuroplasticity

This practice is great for those of us who can fall into the habit of being harsh on ourselves

Mindfulness can help us work with states of mind that may have a negative effect on yourself and others. Due to our biological program (the negativity bias in the brain) we are more easily able to see the negative more readily than the good. So we have to build our muscles of taking in the good and turning the negative into gold. One such negative is self-judging.

Here is a method and a meditation practice to help:

Do not judge yourself

For you’ve accomplished great things

When you judge yourself harshly

It’s like clipping your own wings

Instead, change the judging habit patterns of the mind

Remember your strengths, not your weaknesses, is one way to be kind

Remember all the things you’ve to manage to get through already

Develop the neural pathway of self-trust

Helps the mind become steady

Take in the good of these strengths you already have within

Every time you recall it, breath it in, let it be felt in the fabric of your skin

In that knowing let your shoulders drop

Your tongue goes soft and breathes in the fresh air of today

Let yourself just be regardless of what the mind sometimes will say

Judging thoughts are not a problem when you realize they are there

That’s just a messenger to remember your strengths and take a breath of fresh air

Turn your harsh self judgments into gold by just letting yourself be

This feeling of just being will help you to see

There is so much more to you than what your self-critic has to say

Take your self-critic by the hand let her know everything is okay

Treat all aspects of yourself kindly even the parts you do not like

Judging yourself for judging will keep you in fight and flight

But you have many strengths already you see

Don’t clip your wings by judging yourself harshly

Being mindful is to “remember”

You can set yourself free



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