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Finding Your Centre Using The Eight Limbs of Yoga & The Pillars of Mindfulness

There are many ways to find our centre and the Yogis offered us a Mindful Toolbox to help

I like the analogy I once learned from one of my teachers Bryan Kest , when I was travelling with him on his tour and he had made the statement “Be the Captain of your own Ship” – I heard this (several times I might add) and thought he was saying “Be the captain of your own shit” which for me made perfect sense too! Finding our centre to a point means we have to learn to navigate and steer our “ship” in the direction that helps us feel more steadiness and ease.

We can use the Eight Limbs of Yoga such as the way we relate to ourselves and each other, mindful movement in the body to help calm the mind, freeing up the breath as a form of focus and letting go, moving our attention inward to learn what is going on, and overtime freeing up enough of our ‘stuck’ attention so it can gift us the present moment.

We can use the Pillars of Mindfulness such as Patience, Letting Go, Acceptance, Trust to name a few to cultivate an attitude that helps us remember our centre and come from that place more regularly and often as a way to live our life more truthfully

Time on the yoga mat, meditation cushion , or learning to Teach Yoga & Mindfulness is a great way to re-connect to our centre. Especially during times in our life where we maybe feeling a little “off centre”

“Come back to centre, that place in you that is still, calm, quiet and connected.

Your centre is a place you can trust. It connects the body, mind, heart, and soul. It connects truth, your inner voice, and the Divine.  Your best work comes from there. Your most loving times come from there. Your insights, awareness, and guidance come from being there, at that place. Your beast decisions and your finest moments come from that place.

Your centre is a place that is quietly confident, unassuming, spontaneous, and free. It is gentle, and kind, but it has the power to defend instinctively against attack.  Your centre is a place that is naturally joyful and at peace.  It is accepting , nonjudgemental, and it channels the voice of your heart.  it knows perfect timing . It knows the rhythm of the universe, the rhythm of all creation, and it delights in its connection to that rhythm.

If you must leave your centre to learn a lesson, feel a feeling, or experience something new, do that. Take all the side trips you are called to . But come back to your centre when you’re done.

And go to your centre first,

before you go anywhere else”

Melodie Beatie in the above reading describes what it’s like to have something like Yoga & Meditation to guide you back – it’s always there for you regardless of how many side trips you take.

During Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher Training we learn about Yoga of The Subtle Body and certain energy centres known as the Chakras. The more aware of the Subtle Energies in the Body, Mind and Heart the more we can navigate back to our “centre” when we need to.

These practices also help us to become aware a little quicker than we otherwise would when we are moving away from our centre and more importantly offer us a Mindful Toolkit , a lifeline to find our way back again.

If you are feeling a little “off centre” and would like some guidance to help you add some Mindful Tools to your Toolbox to feel more on track again – reach out about The Mindful Mentoring Program or One on One Private Mindfulness Coaching Sessions.

If you are interested in learning more about The Eight Limbs of Yoga (of which the above personal logo represents , with its 8 section of the steering wheel, all of which help you to manage your energy  ~ Yoga Postures, Meditations, Breathing Practices and the Art of Mindful Listening or learning to Teach Yoga + Mindfulness , reach out to find out more about our Personal Development & Certification Programs

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