Mindfulness & Meditation can help us prioritize our greatest loves

You can meditate in a lot of ways, for many different benefits. One of the most useful practices is to spend some time on the question 🕉WHAT DO I REALLY LOVE? 🕉PUT THEM IN ORDER
Now Here’s the game-changer.
When the answer is no, there will always be a sense of dis-ease. This is where the work of yoga in the form of mindfulness really begins.
To turn the no into a yes
We need to get our loves in order
Spend more time on our higher loves not less
The work known as Tapas in yoga can be doing the work to bridge the gap
Between knowing our loves but having the courage to follow through, to act
There will be obstacles in the way
Taking an honest look at how you are living day today
Mindfulness can be confronting but worth it all the same
Learning to spend the time on your loves
Is what changes the game “Life is a game made for everyone, and love is the prize”
Meditation is like supervision for the soul. Listening is the goal.
As best as you can today Sometimes we need guidance in choosing what goes and what stays. And we all need help with letting go.
xox Tammy
(Inspired by David Brookes, a hint of Avicii😉and as always my cup of tea Meditation) 🕉Take time to learn to sit and navigate the mind and heart~ Mindfulness Introductory Courses, Teacher Training and one on one mentoring

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