The Mindful Surfer – Mindfulness Lessons from Surfing – Patience Perseverance & Passion


Recently I have been doing a Surfebruary Challenge to raise funds for innovative Cancer Research. Below is a reading and couple of Mindful Lessons Learned that may serve as reminders to bring back the Quality in your Life. I was inspired to partake by family who I have lost to Cancer , the Patients I had nursed during my Oncology Nursing, along with those who I see privately for Mindfulness Programs to help with Pain Management, dealing with Grief & Loss, and those in our Yoga NRG Community who had overcome Cancer &/or helped people while they were going through it. Just by doing the challenge I have learned so much from other peoples experiences shared along the way of their own experiences with cancer or taking care & helping those with Cancer.  Sharing stories of how coming to Yoga Class in order to cope with heading in for an appointment or a follow up check, of how Mindfulness Practices has helped while in the waiting room and the list goes on.

The idea of the Surfebruary Challenge is to either get a Wave a Day or at least get in the Ocean if you can for the entire month of February, gaining sponsors & donations along the way for the cause. This entire process has so many little chapters of gratitude linked to it and it’s roots for me getting involved stemming from many inspirational people, experiences and members of our community , including those who come to Yoga NRG Yoga Classes , and privately for one on one Mindfulness Therapy.

Thankyou for those who got involved in the Team Donna & Amanda and to those in our Community who donated ! Have given a further thanks below to those I know and to those who donated anonymously.

Below is one of my favourite readings inspired by Melodie Beattie that echos my Mindful Lessons from learning to Surf, being a nurse, love and loss and those special people out there that go through life biggest obstacles , who remind us to live life to the fullest! This little passage also echos Mindful Pillars that we can learn both out there in the Waves that can also support us when ‘riding’ the many obstacles of Mind when going through challenging times.

The Mindful Surfer 

~ Wait for Timely Action

Watch the surfer as s/he paddles his way out to sea

See her/him watching for the waves, waiting for the right movement, the right timing, the right swell.  Sometimes the wave comes quickly. Sometimes there’s just sitting , waiting patiently for a long time, waiting and watching before s/he can ride the wave.

Learn to ride the waves of energy in your life. Learn to wait for the right time to take action. Learn to wait until your senses, your emotions, your body, and the universe give you the signal you need.

You may have a list of things you wish to do in life.

As soon as you have your list, visualised what you want

You’ve already begun a powerful force.

You’ve already begun to engage the universe in helping you

There are moments in your life that are more perfect than others to initiate action, make that phone call, finish a task (or choose a particular wave)

Untimely action will not get the job done any sooner.

It may simply waste your energy and send you back out to sea waiting for the right wave.

Focus on your goal , what’s important in your life

Muster up all your forces, and head out to the sea

Then patiently wait for the right time, for the right energy, for the right wave.

The right wave will come.

When it does, grab your board, jump on and ride it for all it’s worth!


My deepest thanks to the organisers of Surfebruary for the great ripple effect you are making with not only innovative research for cancer treatment to help people overcome cancer. You have also created a great ripple effect for Mental Health , inspiring people to get out and experience the healing benefits of being in the ocean every day in someway. This has helped me to remember my Why ~ To Live Love & Play with my whole heart while inspiring others to do the same through Mindfulness & Yoga. Surfing for me is a great way to practice it and to live it.

Deepest gratitude to those who inspired me to jump on board for the challenge, cancer survivors, my loved ones lost to cancer & those who donated anonymously and some whom didn’t leave a last name, and those who help those with cancer very grateful for your contribution & inspiration  :

My uncle Al , Shane Percy, Lisa , Bernie Tinning, Helen Lake, Helen Keogh, Trudie & Paul, Dr Emilia Dauway, Shelley , Jenni, Lyndel, Karen, Lee, Darcy Doyle & family , Donna Hay, Amanda Berry (thanks for jumping on board as part of the team) and each patient I had the privilege of nursing. To Adrian who captured some of the photos shared to help promote this cause – (thanks Adrian!) ~ you probably didn’t realise the impact your selfless actions that particular day had on waiting for the right timing to make a contribution in honour of your friend too.

Together we have all raised $1030 ! and were part of the fundraisers who collectively raised over $428,000 so far. This was far  more than our expected goal. The benefits for us personally have had a ripple effect on our own mental health & energy too.

To those who work tirelessly on research and taking care of people going through cancer

Namaste xox



More information on Surfeb here

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Supporting those with Cancer and those who wish to support those to Overcome the Obstacles associated with going through cancer

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