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Why Doing Yoga Teacher Training Helps us to Let Go

How our Magic Carpet of The Yoga Mat can help us Let Go ~
Just as Asana (the yoga postures) have the potential to undo the physical knots in the body, they are simultaneously working on our emotional knots that can reek havoc on our personality . (The Yogis call these Granthis)

One of the teachings in Yoga + Mindfulness is Letting Go (Isvara Pranidhana ) ~ there are many words for it , many ways that it can help us.
There are also many things that can stop us from letting go even when we ‘know’ that’s what we need to do.
It may happen when you least expect it, not necessarily on the yoga mat. But what you have done on the mat may have been what loosened the grip of “fighting” against the wrongs of the past. Each time you come to yoga you untie a knot .

So perhaps one day you find yourself doing something simple like walking along the beach or in a park , where the work you’ve done on your mat (or meditation cushion) begins to reveal its magic (the fruits of your labour) There is enough space in your mind & heart that there is no resistance. And in that space just living life ‘here now’ fully as it is.
What happens in that very moment of surrender, literally gives you ‘life’. Life that you are part of rather than trying to control.
That’s why our Yoga + Meditation practice is a labour of love.
Namaste 🙏
For my full blog on this (including a link to one of my favourite Poems on Letting Go that many of you have asked me to send you the link to ) here’s the link ~ (Yoga NRG About is / Blog Page)

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